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Our Method

  • First, we'll get to know your goals. It all starts with your vision and helping you define and/or refine it! We can help you with everything from creating a business plan to open your first gym, to taking a successful ninja gym to the next level. #GoalSetting

  • Once we know what we're after, we'll create an action plan for how to achieve the best version of your business. We will get as involved as you want us to and can help with things like obstacle course design, custom ninja curriculum design, ninja coach certifications, cost projections, marketing, hiring, build-out, ninja obstacle fabrication, event planning, and everything you need to get started. #MakeitHappen

  • Once you're up and running, we will stay connected to help you grow and measure results! The ninja community is amazing and we are all here to help the sport progress, so once you start to ninja, we've got your back! #NinjaCommunity

Who We Are

We are a team of Ninja Gym Owners and American Ninja Warrior Athletes with a passion for helping others grow the sport of ninja! Our team consists of some of the most experienced ninja program owners and athletes in the world. We spent years developing the sport as ninja warrior gained popularity in the US - we made obstacles before ninja gyms existed, we were the first to design curriculums for many of the first gyms to offer ninja training, and we are the home of SPOTTED, the world's first Ninja Coach Certification. Now, we'd like to use our experience and passion to help grow the sport with you.


  • Gym Consultation

  • Obstacle Course Design

  • Obstacle Fabrication

  • Building (Indoor/Outdoor)

    • Ninja Gyms

    • Ninja Day Camps

    • Family Entertainment Centers

    • Amusement Parks

    • Backyards

    • Home/residential

  • Curriculum

    • Ninja Sport, 10 Level Curriculum

    • FEC, 10 Level Curriculum

    • Mini Ninjas (2-5 years)

    • Custom Curriculum (we will help you design your own)

  • Ninja Coach Certification​

  • Marketing

  • Optimizing ROI in your ninja gym

  • Video production

  • Business plan development

  • Finding a location

  • Lease negotiation

  • Ninja gym insurance (discounts available)

  • Hiring

    • Creating job descriptions

    • Help sharing your openings with the community​

    • Interviewing

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