Creating Ninja programs is in our DNA!


World Ninja Sport began in 2015 when our founder, Justin Conway was approached to bring obstacles into a gymnastics gym that also offered parkour, tricking, fitness classes, and a few other programs. The goal was to start the first ninja program on Long Island with a small rig and gauge the reception. Fast forward to today - that gym now has a bustling ninja program that brings in more revenue than the other programs and they have had World Ninja Sport help them expand their program several times over the years.


We will get to know your program, space, and goals, then suggest the right package of obstacles and programming options to help you have a successful Ninja Warrior program.


We are a custom shop and can build ANYTHING, but here are some of the things we do regularly.


  • Floating Ninja Rigs
  • Full Truss Systems
  • Square Tube Truss
  • Pipe and Fitting Rigs
  • Adjustable Lache Lanes
  • Parkour Bars
  • NINJA OBSTACLES - any ones you can dream up and hundreds that we already have!


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