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WNS Slip and Slope Cliffhanger Ledge

The World Ninja Sport Slip and Slope Cliffhanger Ledge is a two sided adjustable cliffhanger that yyou can move along any wall surface! Use the slotted bolt holes to attach this ninja ledge to a rock wall (or any wallo face with a t-nut system) OR use screws and a washer to affix them to any stable wood surface. Work your grip in new and creative ways.


Side 1 - Slick cliffhanger with straight top.

Side 2 - Grippy cliffhanger with angled top.


These uncut cliff ledges are 11.5" long and 1 5/8" deep with a slight incut on both sides



  • 11.5 inches long
  • 1.5" deep
  • 90 degree and 110 degree ledges
  • Mounts using 3/8 hex bolts
  • Grippy texture on slope side
  • Slick texture on ledge side
  • Available in many colors


*These products are made to order by Monstro Ninja Holds. They aim to ship all orders as fast as possible (within 10-14 business days on average). Delays may occur based on current order load.


Price is for product only. Shipping and installation billed separately.

WNS Slip and Slope Cliffhanger Ledge

    • No returns or exchanges - all sales final.
    • Purchaser assumes all liability. Train safely!
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