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Our Story

In 2011 our Founder, Justin Conway started training to one day compete on American Ninja Warrior. At that time, there were no ninja gyms or obstacle parks local to him, so Justin had to get creative! He began building obstacles at home and bringing them into local gymnastics gyms that would allow him to temporarily install them for his own training. As soon as the obstacles went up, lines would form! Everyone wanted to try!


One entrepreneurial gym manager approached Justin about showing them how to run a ninja program and building obstacles to have at the gym - Justin was thrilled for the opportunity! A short time later, he had developed the world's first ninja coach certification and ninja curriculum, installed his first ninja course, and World Ninja Sport was born!


Today, World Ninja Sport has a team of professional ninja athletes and coaches around the world!


World Ninja Sport Provides

  • Full Ninja Gym Build Outs (indoor/outdoor)

  • Ninja Day Camps (indoor/outdoor)

  • Ninja Backyard Courses

  • SPOTTED - Ninja Coach Certifications

  • Ninja Curriculum (FEC and ninja gyms)

  • Ninja Course Design

  • Gym Consultation



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