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  • What is a lache and why is it important?
    A lache is when you hang from your hands, then throw yourself from one place to another. If you've ever seen American Ninja Warrior, you've seen tons of laches! You can lache to the ground, to a platform, to a balance obstacle, to another obstacle... Lacheing is a common skill practiced in Ninja Warrior, Parkour, and Gymnastics. Every good ninja course typically includes a variety of laches to various points. A good lache rig will contain the ability to not only do laches, but to adjust the distance and variety of the lache to be practiced. All World Ninja Sport rigs (except for the Ninja Monkey Rig) come with lache bars that can be adjusted to give you versatility in your training. When should you train laches? You should lache every day! It's a foundational skill for your ninja training that will help develop your arm strength, explosivity, and develop the calluses that make your hands strong. What are the different types of lache bars? Drop in lache bars - Found on our Babylon and Monster series rigs. These bars can be easily moved just by pushing up to release the bar from the ledger notches. Then you can take the bar out or move it to another notch location. You can also hang obstacles from these bars! Clamp-on lache bars - Found on many of our Steel and Aluminum rigs like the Steel Monster Bolt-on lache bars - Found on our Playland Rig. How to Lache: If you'd like to know more about lache bar options, ninja courses suitable for you, or how an integrate lache bars into your setup, feel free to reach out and speak to one of our ninjas 😀 347-746-4652
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