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We build our ninja courses to be fun for kids and adults while giving them plenty of challenges to build strength and overall fitness. Every ninja gym is custom designed by one of our ninja designers to ensure that your course has all of the obstacles and functionality that will give your gym the most safe, fun, and versatile setup. We will also help you maximize the awe factor so that parents will be proud to take pictures of their kids in your gym and tell their friends!

Whether you're looking for to train serious ninjas or just add obstacles to your gymnastics gym or OCR gym, we've got you covered! Our solutions are excellent for training for everything from American Ninja Warrior to Spartan and Tough Mudder Races.

Who We Are

We are fully owned and operated by American Ninja Warrior competitors! We know what works because we train on our rigs and design them to look and feel exactly as they should! Ninja rigs should not be built like a house - they need to be stronger! Every product we offer is tested and approved by ninja warrior competitors and builders and comes with our free expert consultation to help you choose the course that works best for you!

World Ninja Sport designs and builds indoor/outdoor Ninja obstacle courses for all settings and occasions

  • Ninja Gyms

  • Ninja Day Camps

  • Home and backyard Ninja courses

  • Add-on course elements for gymnastics gyms, climbing gyms, CrossFit, and fitness gyms

  • Mobile Rigs

  • Suspended Systems

  • Events

  • TV Shows

  • Competitions

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