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We've designed this training specifically for summer camps to give counselors a terrific foundation for running fun, safe, and progressive ninja courses! Our Founder, Justin Conway was a camp counselor so this training considers ninja coaching from a counselor's perspective! It includes practical tips for running groups of campers through obstacles efficiently and obstacle course best practices that will allow your counselors to provide an awesome ninja experience!


Duration - 1 day - 10 hours, (with one, one hour lunch break)


Cost - $1,400 for up to three participants. $250 for each additional participant. We will send a Master instructor to you to host a certification at your camp with a minimum sign-up of two participants. Travel costs are additional, if applicable.


Class size - 6

We keep the class small to ensure that coaches are given a robust and personally tailored training. We can add an additional Master Instructor and allow 6 additional (12 total) coaches to join.


You'll Learn

  • How to set up a safe ninja course.

  • Spotting.

  • Proper warm-up and coaching techniques.

  • Coach responsibilities.

  • How to control groups.

  • Progressions for each obstacle to ensure safe and progressive training.

  • Ninja Warrior show rules and information including common obstacles and famous Ninjas (so your campers know you're a pro).

  • Textures and directions. How to ensure that your obstacle is designed correctly for use.

  • Confidence training.

  • How to use and move equipment.

  • Flow of the obstacles and flow of the course.

  • How to avoid collisions and keep students from wandering.

  • Terminology to teach coaches that will allow kids to tell their parents what exciting moves they’ve learned

  • Efficiency training - how to keep your class moving

  • Custom training. The coaches will have the ability to ask for additional training in any areas that they feel need more work.


  • Additional Coach ($250)

  • Additional Consulting onsite ($75 hourly)



  • Coaches - $50 yearly with an online recertification test

  • As a camp, you will also be eligible for our yearly inspection services which include checking all of the ninja equipment to give suggestions for maintenance. We will also advise you regarding the best ways to use your existing course, suggestions for adding variety, and help you rig your obstacles while we're there to inspect! The yearly inspection is optional and the cost is $700.


Huge Additional Benefit!

Once certified in the SPOTTED ninja certification, you may qualify for a big discount on your Ninja insurance! Contact us for more information.

Looking to build a ninja camp?

We've got you covered! World Ninja Sport has the only Ninja Camp Building team comprised of Certified Ninja Coaches and actual Ninja Warrior competitors so you'll know your course is built strong with maximum functinonality.

See our Ninja Camp Builds.

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