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Level 1 Only$250.00
Duration: 1 year

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Your SPOTTED Level 1 Ninja Coach Certification is valid for one year. To renew next year there are two steps (but we will handle one for you :-) 1. Payment - You will be auto-billed at the current renewal rate and will be asked to complete the renewal process. 2. Test - You must complete the renewal test and submit the necessary documentation to receive the full renewal.

You can also receive your Level 1 and level 2 Certifications together, in-person!
You can join one of our scheduled certifications below, or schedule one at your gym!
  • Schedule a certification at your own gym!
    Schedule a certification at your own gym!
    SPOTTED - Level 1 and 2 Ninja Coach
    We are a global certification
    SPOTTED - Level 1 and 2 Ninja Coach

Upcoming Certifications

See Schedule for Dates and Times
230 Bogart St.

If you have any questions about our Ninja Certification, feel free to submit a request using the "TBD" option above or just reach out to us directly and we'll tell you all about it! 347-746-4652

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