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Freestanding Traverse Board

The Freestanding Traverse Board is a multi-purpose, double sided ninja obstacle with an infinite number of challenges to conquer! The frame makes it easy to install, move, and rearrange to adjust the flow of your ninja course.


Side one has 13 Peg Receivers which act as a three-in-one obstacle! Use them as Ring Toss, Doorknob Traverse, or an advanced Peg Board.


Side two has eight Cliffhangers!


The Freestanding Traverse Board comes with:

  • Freestanding frame with two mounting boards
  • 13 Peg Receivers
  • Two Rings
  • Two Pegs
  • 8 Cliffhangers
  • Mounting hardware


Please note: Shipping is estimated. We will run a shipping quote once your order is sumbitted. There may be additional charges. For a real-time quote, just give us a call or shoot us an email.

Freestanding Traverse Board

Traverse Board Uprights Color
Traverse Board Horizontal Board Color
Peg Receiver Color
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