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Lumberjack Doors

DGS Ninja, in partnership with 111 Obstacles, is offering our unique variation on the DGS Ninja Floating Doors! These lumberjack doors are made using high quality laminated Baltic Birch and precision cut on our CNC Machines. Utilize the built in holes for hanging on each end so that you can hang vertically or horizontally.  Lumberjack Doors available individually or in a set of 4. Each Lumberjack door includes 2 nylon straps for hanging and two cliffhangers (which are cheaters for your feet or hands, depending on how you hang the door). 

Door - 59"L x 5-3/4"W x 1-3/4"D
Cliffhanger - 1.5"

Lumberjack Doors

PriceFrom $129.00
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