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Ninja Cube Long

The Ninja Cube Long is a freestanding, super versatile ninja course that you can install yourself! The evolution of the ninja rig is here!


Dimensions: 14.7' Long, 8.2' High, 9.8' Wide

This gives you roughly 59" of additional room to hang ninja obstacles AND comes with Adjustable Lache Bars!


The Cube Long is an extended version of the NInja Cube - giving you even more room to swing, lache, and grip your way through obstacles!


Whether you're training to be on American Ninja Warrior or running local OCRs, this rig has a strong assortment of challenges that will help you up your game.


Want a bigger rig? You can connect Cubes to make them longer!


The Ninja Cube Long includes

  • 7x Monkey bars
  • 3x Ninja handles
  • 1x Banana grips
  • 1x Dynamite grips
  • 1x Canon ball grips
  • 1x Cone grips
  • 1x Ninja bungee
  • 2x 2N Trapeze Bars
  • 2x Abs Olympic rings
  • 1x Hangboard (double sided)
  • 1x Ring toss – 4 pegs
  • 11 Slings
  • 2 Adjustable Slings
  • 4 Quicklinks
  • 4 Ring Toss Clamps


SAVE 3% - call or email your order and use a cash payment method with secure payment through Quickbooks and receive 3% off.


Suitable for users up to 264 lbs

Easy to install

Ninja Cube Long

This one is popular! We're out of stock! Please take a look at our other Cube options :-)
    • No returns or exchanges - all sales final.
    • Purchaser assumes all liability. Train safely!
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