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Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet (sold as pair)

The Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet was  developed to reduce slipping of mats in many (not all) applications. This product is our solution to a very common safety issue resulting from mats sliding during use. Both sides of the silicone sheet feature a glossy sheen that is tacky and more effective than other non-slip surfaces.  

Place the Non-Slip Smart Mat sheet directly on tile, wood or laminate floors with matting on top or, in between two vinyl mats.  To maintain the grippy nature of the silicone, wipe the surface with warm soapy water and keep it dust free.


  • Provides peace of mind during training in regards to safety and security.
  • Place between two mats to prevent the top one from sliding.
  • Perfect for home or gym use: place the Smart Mat Sheet underneath a Practice Mat to avoid slipping on hardwood floors.
  • Measures 23in x 17in
  • Sold as a pair.
  • For mats larger than 4ft x 8ft, additional Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheets is helpful.


Free shipping to the lower 48 States
Warranty: 24 months

Non-Slip Smart Mat Sheet (sold as pair)

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