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The Ninja MegaCube is a freestanding, super versatile ninja course that you can install yourself! The evolution of the ninja rig is here! Whether you're training to be on American Ninja Warrior or running local OCRs, this rig has a strong assortment of challenges that will help you up your game.


This rig is HUGE! 26 Long, 8.2’ High, 9.8’ Wide


Want a bigger rig? You can connect Cubes to make them bigger!


Ninja MegaCube includes:
    1x Pegboard + 2 pegs
    2x Giant wheels 2.6 feet
    4x Abs Olympic rings + adjustable ratchet
    1x Quattro rings
    1x Rope 3.3 feet long
    1x v-wings
    1x Ninja shield grip
    2x Monkey bar & adjustable steps
    4x Ninja handle
    1x T grip
    2x Dynamite grip
    2x Canon ball grip
    2x Cone grip
    1x Ninja bungee ( 6 strands)
    3x Flying trapeze
    1x Hangboard double sided
    1x Ring toss – 4 pegs
    20x Slings
    2x Adjustable Slings
    7x Quicklinks
    4x Clamps for Ring Toss
    4x Ring Clamps for fixing the wheels


Tons of additional obstacles are available and easy to add! Just search our shop.


SAVE 3% - call or email your order and use a cash payment method with secure payment through Quickbooks and receive 3% off.


Expected to ship in April
    • No returns or exchanges - all sales final.
    • Purchaser assumes all liability. Train safely!
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