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Competition Hosting

One of our Master Instructors will provide expert advice and support in planning and running your ninja event.

  • 60 minute call at least six weeks prior to the event to structure all event details
    • Setting age groups
    • Course design for proper skill level setting
    • Staffing suggestions
    • Event day logistics
    • and more...
  • Cross-promotion of your content through the WNS social media channels (we are happy to share your event!)
  • 30 minute call one week prior to the event to plan and prepare for the competition day
  • Your Master Instructor will fly to you the day before the event and partner in running your ninja event for the day
    • Helping to organize staff and set up the day's events
    • MCing - introductions and hyping the crowd
    • Managing staff and all event objectives (obstacle resetting, refereeing, announcing, spectator services...)


Travel and accommodations will be calculated and billed separately

Competition Hosting

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