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Backyard Gym

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Get a workout at home, spend quality time with your family, get your kids away from their home school desks, and enjoy your quarantine experience with some fun fitness challenges.

Ninja Backyard Course
World Ninja Sport Backyard Calisthenics and Fitness Rig

The Babylon Calisthenics Rig featured here includes

  1. Monkey Bars

  2. Cliff Hanger

  3. Cargo Net

  4. Vertical and horizontal Peg Boards

  5. Dip Bars

  6. Rock Holds

  7. Ring Toss

  8. Ring Jungle

  9. and Two Swings for the younger kids! :)

Let's face it, we need more to keep us active and away from social media! With many gyms and entertainment centers still closed and others only open to minimal capacity, where else can we exercise our human needs to play and enjoy movement? How about our own backyards!

Humans need to move - we are built with a, "use it or lose it" system that makes heavily used areas stronger and sheds parts that don't get used. That goes for just about everything in your body!! So if you want to stay healthy and give your brain those endorphins that keep you buzzing all day - consider how to get your workout in!

If you are looking to add a few fun elements to your backyard gym space, you can check out backyard pond ideas.

See more of our backyard options here

Feel free to reach out if you'd like us to design something for your backyard!

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