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The Unique Christmas Gift Your Kids Will Love

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Indoor Ninja Warrior Courses!

Are you looking for something fun and unique for Christmas or Hanukkah this year (who isn't right)? Well, we've got something your kids will LOVE and we can bet that they will be the only one in town with it - an indoor ninja training course!

Pictured here is the Founder of World Ninja Sport and creator of the Multi-box, Justin Conway. He designed the multi-box with the active child in mind. With everyone spending so much time at home these days, we need more to keep us active an stimulated! Justin used his experience of competing on American Ninja Warrior and making obstacles for his own training needs, to put together a super comprehensive package of at home ninja products that go from beginner to advanced and work all of the different skill types you'll need to make you successful at training for Ninja Warrior.

Multi-box (Ceiling Mounted) See pricing here

Even more compelling is how fun these obstacles are! Justin said, "I'm a big kid. I don't like to work out in a gym or run, so I need something entertaining to keep me fit. When I found ninja, I was hooked! It's the perfect mix of fun and fitness."

This is the Ninja Attachment Lane (Ceiling Mounted). See pricing here

The Ninja Attachment Lane can be hung from any indoor ceiling with the ability to hold weight and dynamic loads. The Ninja Attachment Lane can be delivered and self-installed or installed by the crew at World Ninja Sport.

Want to add an awesome look to your indoor design? Consider some wall decals and add a fun Rock Climbing route to make it functional!

Indoor Ninja Courses are fun, unique, and modular which will allow your kids to use them into adulthood! No more expensive presents that they are guaranteed to grow out of!

Just in time for indoor training season and the holidays - our new Indoor Ceiling Mounted Multi-boxes and Ninja Attachment Lanes! Shop here

As pictured with add-ons: ✅ Monkey Bars ✅ Ring Toss ✅ Peg Board ✅ Rock Climbing ✅ T-nuts for attaching obstacles ✅ D-links for attaching obstacles ✅ Cones ✅ Trapeze Bars ✅ Cannonballs

So versatile!

Order yours as a unique Christmas idea or Hanukkah present 🎅 🕎 or just get one for yourself 🎁

Happy Holidays!

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