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Backyard Ninja Course - Self Installation 😲

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

World Ninja Sport now offers Ninja Courses that you can install yourself!

The Ninja Cube is a freestanding, super versatile ninja course that comes with self-install instructions!

The evolution of the ninja rig is here! It's portable, easy to install, easy to adjust, and packs a ton of obstacles into an affordable rig.

The baseline Ninja Cube comes with 14 ninja obstacles and tons of awesome add-ons. Weather you're training to be on American Ninja Warrior or running local OCRs, this rig has a strong assortment of challenges that will help you up your game.

Want a longer ninja rig? You can connect Cubes to make them bigger!

Ninja Obstacles

There is an infinite amount of ninja obstacles that can be attached to the Ninja Cube! Some of the most common obstacles to add include:

  • Lache Bars

  • Monkey Bars

  • Warped Wall

  • Salmon Ladder

  • Fidget Spinner

  • Wingnut

  • Quad Steps

  • Trapeze Bars

  • Ring Toss

  • Ninja Rings

  • Ball Grips

  • Cone Grips

Skill Level and Ages

  • The Ninja Cube is suitable for all ages and all skill levels!

  • Obstacle add-ons make it easy to customize the rig for different athlete heights from kids to adult.

  • Attach easier obstacles for beginner ninjas and speed courses, or attach difficult obstacles for advanced ninjas and upper body grip training!


  • World Ninja Sport has you covered - we also provide mats so that you can have fall protection everywhere you need it!


  • Your ninja course can be installed in a matter of hours! Unbox your course in the morning and have a ninja course ready to use in the afternoon!

  • Installation can be done with 1-2 people (2-3 people recommended for an easier install)

  • Tools

What's in the box?

Your Ninja Cube will come with all of the rig components, obstacles, and an Allen Key to tighten the clamps! The baseline Ninja Cube is delivered in just four boxes!

World Ninja Sport partnered with 2N to make home ninja course DIY projects easy!

Or give us a call to order your backyard ninja course today! 347-746-4652

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