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Our biggest Ninja build yet!

Updated: Jul 7

URJ Camp Coleman

It was an amazing honor to work with the leadership team at URJ Camp Coleman in Cleveland, GA to put together what is currently the World's largest camp ninja course! The design and planning process for this course took many months, but our awesome team which included Lorin Ball and Jason Budden from Flow Vault was able to construct the entire ninja and parkour course inside of five days (even with the rain)! It was such a rewarding project to work with these talented people and share the week together; building, training, and enjoying Georgia!

Here's a behind the scenes look at how the build came together and the finished product :-)

- Justin Conway

Founder, World Ninja Sport

World Ninja Sport - Ninja Course at URJ Camp Coleman

Build Vlog

Finished Image Gallery

This ninja and parkour obstacle course includes a huge variety of elements for all skills levels so that campers can have fun all summer and still be challenged for years to come! Items include:

  • FOUR PLAYLAND RIGS!! And the Playland Full Course which includes:

    • Playland Rig with the custom Camp Coleman logo

    • Ring Slider

    • Cannonball Holds

    • T Handles

    • Monkey Bars

    • Lache Bars

    • Triple Curved Ninja Wall with Fireman's Pole and Safety Panels

    • Rock Climbing Traverse Wall

    • Ninja Safety Mats

    • Custom full color logo post pads

  • Steel Monster Rig

  • Trapeze Bars

  • Starter Chucks

  • Ape Hangers

  • Flywheels

  • The Splat

  • Flying Squirrels

  • Two Suspension Bridges

  • Rope Jungle

  • Three Ninja Buzzers

  • Ninja Cargo Net

  • Full Balance Course including

    • Four Precision Bars

    • Four Rocker Steps

    • Feeter Teeter

  • Full Parkour Course including

    • Two Vault Boxes

    • 90 Degree bar section

    • Double Slant Wall

    • Precision Perimeter Box

    • Two Jump Spots

    • T-wall

    • Low to High Bar section with wall

  • Custom Lettering on the side of the Warped Wall

  • All weather mat covers

  • Starting and Landing Platforms

  • Padded Quad Steps

  • And of course, all of the Camp Coleman instructors received our SPOTTED Ninja Coach Certification to ensure that they know how to safely and progressively use the ninja course with their campers!


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