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The most popular Summer Camp Ninja Course - The Playland Rig

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

We build A LOT of ninja courses for summer camps and sleep away camps, and most of them order the Playland Course. In this video, our Founder, Justin Conway, walks through some of the key features of the Playland Rig

Designed and tested by actual American Ninja Warrior competitors

This rig is build for maximum versatility and obstacle variety!

This ninja rig is designed to have only 6 uprights This frees the entire center of the rig to allow for roughly 12’ x 16’ of open space under the rig Easier to place mats in and out of the rig Less cost for post pads Less cost for mats (less mat fillers)

What's included:

  • 12’ x 16’ Powder Coated Steel (also available in aluminum)

  • Base plates

  • Dropped Monkey Bar Frame with 7 monkey Bars

  • Three lache bars

  • 16 eye loops that allow you to quickly attach obstacles

  • Custom Color

  • Custom camp name plate

  • Laser etched logo on rig

  • One Long Rope

  • One Short Rope

  • Four Ninja Rings on slings

So many options!

The Playland rig can be provided with the Swing Pack of obstacles or as a full course with Warped Wall, balance obstacles, rock climbing, an up and over cargo next, and more outdoor activities.

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