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Pro-tips for building a Ninja backyard course

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Building a ninja obstacle course in your backyard is an awesome way to stay fit and have fun at home! But there are A LOT of variables to consider. This is, by no means, a comprehensive list of all things to consider, but it's a very good start. Please remember to train safely and if this is your first time building, please consider hiring a professional.


The Bullet Points

  • OVER BUILD - whatever you think the strength should be for something, double or triple it then buy the material to suit.

  • Buy extra. It costs more to run back to the store mid-job and costs more to make 2nd orders. Buy extra and if the store allows, return what you don't use.

  • Make things modular whenever possible - the course should be able to change regularly.

  • Design first! Use a layout program like Stetchup ( or draw out your course in advance to think through all of the details including heights, sizes, and how to connect everything.

  • Build for your audience. Keep in mind that most people are beginner level and kids will have a hard time reaching obstacles higher than 5' so you should have steps or platforms in your course layout design to enable them to reach obstacles.


  • Where to buy - we sell them! See the World Ninja Sport Shop!

  • Pad hard surfaces like railroad ties and playground borders.

  • Assemble your crew! Building is a big job - we like to have three people on installations (even the small ones).

  • Test the course. Before you let anyone else on it - make sure it's SUPER strong. I like to have a "break it" day. I try my hardest to break everything on the rig so that if it breaks - it's on me, not the client or anyone else.

  • Consider using a pro. Feel free to reach out to us - we can build for you or you can purchase hours of consulting time talking to our Ninja competitor/athlete/builder/owners. 347-746-4652

  • Invite your friends and celebrate when the rig is complete!

Good luck! And remember to be safe! Obstacle course training is inherently dangerous. The tips given in this article are merely suggestions - we accept no liability for any of your build designing or building. You assume all risks related to the creation and operation of your course.

Want to hire an expert? Browse our rigs in our shop and feel free to reach out if you'd like us to help you build your course.

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