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The Biggest Ninja Camp in the World

We are a week away from installing the world's largest Ninja Warrior Camp!

This sprawling ninja course will be built in Cleveland, GA and will include a triple Warped Wall, rock climbing wall, Dual Ring Sliders, Lache Bars, Monkey Bars, Balance Obstacles, Ring Jungle, Bridge Lane, Ring Toss, Devil Steps, and so much more!

Oh - and did we mention we're also building a parkour course?! The 100' long parkour course designed by American Ninja Warrior competitor Lorin Ball will feature a super versatile mix of boxes, bars, and landing zones to keep the kids at camp active the entire summer and beyond!

Looking for a ninja addition to your summer camp or sleep away camp? Give us a call - we'll talk through options that will give you the most versatile and fun obstacle course for your adventure space 347-74-NINJA


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