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Pro Tip - Leveling Post Holes for your Backyard Ninja Course

Installing a Ninja Course in your backyard is an awesome way to keep the kids AND adults active, create a fun family activity, and add something truly unique to your backyard landscape! But to ensure you have a good looking and secure setup, you need to be plumb and level! Here's a tip that you can use when digging the holes for your posts that will help you get all of your holes to the desired depth. This tip can also be used for mailbox posts, fence posts... anything that you need to bury :-)

If you'd like your own ninja course built for you, give us a call 347-746-4652 or shoot us an email to

Whether you're training to be on American Ninja Warrior, Spartan, or just training to have fun, we have solutions that we can customize to suit your needs.

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