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Building Luca's Custom Backyard Ninja Warrior Course

This amazing video was shot and edited by Najee Richardson. Thank you to Naj, Luca, and Luca's family for giving World Ninja Sport the opportunity to enable you to ninja! Luca is a very fortunate young dude with a very cool backyard. Here's a bit about his story and World Ninja Sport's journey to building Luca's Custom Backyard Ninja Course.

Personal Growth and Happiness - Luca's Story:

Luca started training at a local gym where he developed quite a bit of chops! He competed in ninja finals and enjoyed all of his ninja training, but he wanted more. His father wanted to give him the opportunity to train more often and with more convenience, so he reached out to us. Our Founder, Justin Conway, was the designer and lead installer for this custom backyard Ninja Course. He worked closely with Luca's father to design everything with the right mix of challenge, variety, and versatility. A unique bonus is that everything on the course is adjustable! This is of huge importance when seriously training the sport of ninja because you're always going to want to change up your obstacles and try new challenges. That's part of what makes ninja so awesome!

Luca's course includes some classic ninja obstacles like adjustable Lache Bars, Quad Steps, and Devil Steps, as well as more advanced hanging challenges to test his strength and agility like the Makercraft Bullseye and Wingnuts. Luca's backyard has become his personal gym, where he builds muscle, improves endurance, and has a blast doing it.

Beyond the physical benefits, Luca's ninja warrior course has enriched his life in unexpected ways. Conquering challenging obstacles has taught him resilience, problem-solving, and an unshakable determination. The skills he's honed on his course will help him face challenges throughout his personal life with newfound confidence. Plus, the sense of accomplishment he feels each time he conquers an obstacle boosts his self-esteem and fills him with positivity.

The Ninja Family

Luca's ninja warrior course isn't just for him; it's a family affair. His brother and sisters love it too! It's a fantastic way to get them outdoors, away from screens, and into the fresh air. Plus, it's a chance for the whole family to have fun together while staying active. Luca is always eager to tackle obstacles and learn important skills like patience, discipline, and perseverance. Luca also enjoys being a coach and cheering his siblings on. It's more than just a workout; it's quality time spent bonding with loved ones.

Ninja Trainers

Since this course was installed, Luca has been able to have some of the best ninjas in the world come to him! Coaches Najee Richardson, Grant McCarney, and our own Justin Conway all spent a week with Luca, showing him new skills and ways to adjust his ninja course to meet his ever-evolving regimen.

We're thankful for the opportunity to enable the world to ninja and for awesome clients like Luca and his family.

-Train Safely and Progressively

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