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Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to Ninja News! Your all access pass to what's going on in the ninja community, tips and tricks for building and training, and new product announcements from World Ninja Sport.

Pictured: SPOTTED Ninja Coach Certification Instructors Nick Fordney, Lorin Ball, Justin Conway, Jamie Rahn, and Thomas Stillings (from left to right)

Who We Are

We are a team of Ninja Gym Owners and American Ninja Warrior Athletes with a passion for helping others grow the sport of ninja!

We provide

  • Ninja Coach Certification

  • Ninja Curriculum

  • Ninja Course Design

  • Ninja Course Builds (indoor/outdoor)

  • Gym Consultation

We are here to help you with everything from starting your ninja business and build-out, to hosting world class competitions. Want to learn more? We’re happy to talk! Feel free to email or call us.

“What is Ninja News?”

Ninja News is our way of sharing ninja information with the community including views and advice from ninja athletes, coaches, manufacturers, leagues, and all the awesome entities that make up our sport! There's too much going on to cover every topic so we're going to be choosy! :) But stay tuned here for our top picks!

BIG Recent News (kept intentionally short)

  • Ninja USA - Recently a technical committee has been formed with the guidance of World OCR having the goal of uniting ninja as a sport and creating an avenue to advance ninja competitions with a global competition structure. Nearly every major ninja league in the US has joined and subcommittees are being formed now. Read more about this initiative at

  • Leagues continuing to host competitions - COVID is still an issue, but ninja competitions continue! Things are beginning to feel a little more like normal. Like many, our team has been starved for ninja competition and we can't wait to get out there and see some new obstacles. Recently Ninja Intensity held a huge event in Colorado and people flew from across the country to be there! Take a look at the all league calendars for local competitions! Here are some helpful links to some of the major leagues.

  • American Ninja Warrior now on Wednesday nights - The show is now on Wednesdays! Check your local listings. That is all :)

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